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Thread: 桜の秋 (Sakura no Aki - Cherry blossom’s fall) @tranquil-azure


As the other spoke he could hear the hope within his words, and he knew if he didn’t keep his promise that it might kill this man. Maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally. he couldn’t do that to Sakuraya. “I am glad that one such as yourself would accept such promises from one such as me. I swear that I will not leave without you, and you will not stay here forever, being what you are to them. Come with me, how can we make this work? The ruse of a date perhaps, I’ll claim I wish to take you out, or that you have a client to meet? Then we shall leave the city.”

All of his words were spoken in a low hush, finding himself leaning ever closer to the other male so none would overhear them plot Sakuraya’s escape. This lovely man was counting on him, and the kiss… unexpected. But it just made him want to help the other even more. “Everything will be okay, I promise to you. When we leave this place, will you give me another kiss such as you just did, to thank me? I think I would like that.”

"We are not allowed to leave the house… At least not without the owner’s permission…" He looked down with and sad look. When he was a true gueisha, in a true gueisha house, he used to go out for performances, but in this whore house he was kept captive. The owner believed if Sakuraya went out, someone could try to steal him or to convince him to escape like the man who sold him to the house did before when he lived in the gueisha’s house.

"P-Perhaps… You could claim me… But still… I don’t know if the owner would approve such. He…" Used to have private times with the raven pretty often. Most of those scars were his doing. He was a sadistic man and since he wouldn’t lay a finger on a woman, even if it was a whore, he would put out his kinks on Sakuraya. The raven blushed lightly remembering those and cluntch his right fist close to his heart, gripping the kimono covering his chest. 


When the blond promised like that. Whe he told him things would be ok with that tender voice. Sakuraya couldn’t help but believe in those words. That man… That man whom came out of nowhere. Who appeared in his life without previous warning or plans. He brought a shine of hope, of faint to the gueisha’s eyes. "Y-Yes… Tsugaru-san… After we leave this place… I will be only yours and all my kisses will belong just to you. I’ll devote myself of body and soul to your happyness… For you whom is the man that brought me back from the dead. Whom made me feel alive again… Thank you."

The gueisha moved closer again to the singer and held him into an embrace. "Just… Let me be like this… From where I want to never leave. I want to get lost in your arms… Tsugaru-san.."


"So~~ I heard we had a volunteer~ I wonder who’ll be my new plaything tonight~" Izaya murmured as he walked to the front door. Someone had called him earlied saying he wanted to meet the informant. He decided it could be a good oportunity to gather some information and, why not, have some fun as well. He hummed lowly and opened the door to look at the person.

"Orihara Izaya at your service~ I assume you’re the one who called me earlier~ How may I help I wonder~"

Thread: 桜の秋 (Sakura no Aki - Cherry blossom’s fall) @tranquil-azure


Honestly, he didn’t like how the other was putting himself down. It just showed him that Sakuraya had honestly lost faith in himself as a person, and only looked at what this place had made him. He was perfect to Tsugaru, and he honestly wished that the Geisha would see that in himself.

"I only spoke the truth, seeing that I do not wish to lie to anyone it is all I can do. Yes the words are of kindness, but it is how I feel as well." He paused, watching the other for a moment. "Please believe my words, if you wished it I would take you away from here and never let you feel sorrow again."

There was sadness in his eyes for a moment, but hope as well. Maybe the smaller man would listen to him and would ask him to take him far away from this place. “If my words bring such happiness then accept them, come with me. I live far from here, and I have a large house that you would be happy in. I could use someone who would be willing to take care of me, well… not that I can’t take care of myself.”

He was mostly lonely… and just wanted the company of a man who he could relate too. Sakuraya was that man, and he wanted him.

For a moment he believed his heart stopped beating for a second. His body all awakened to that man, to those words. He looked carefully to Tsugaru. There was no sign of lies in his words. Sakuraya knew lies when he heard them. He had been living surrounded by lies and false promises his whole life. There was no way Tsugaru’s words were false. He knew it was different. That Tsugaru was different. He wouldn’t hurt or betray him. He knew that.

"T-Tsugaru-san…" His hands rose to cup the other’s male’s face and looked him right into the eyes. "I accept those words… And your offer. But, please, don’t let anyone know about this…" He asked concerned about him and the other. "The house is well guarded and I’m sure they would kill both of us if someone found out." He murmured and slowly inched closer to the blonde’s face to whisper a few last words. "I’m counting on you… Tsugaru-sama…"

As he said that, the raven lad pecked softly Tsugaru’s lips and quickly pulled back as he sat back on his place, hidding his lips behind his kimono sleeve and silently looking down embarrassed. He wasn’t supposed to kiss him, but he couldn’t hold back his happiness now. He really wished to kiss the other and to belong only to him. He couldn’t wait to run away with Tsugaru.


Doodle of my OTP , Aoba and his waifu Koujaku. Now let’s wait to see the anime!


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You Bring The Best Of Me - A TsukiRoppi Mix I did. ^^


The Sweetest Lullaby - A Mix for TsuPsy ship I made.

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Izaya wasn’t too fond with the sudden hand holding but on the other hand, Psyche seemed so innocent that he didn’t really mind. At least not enough to ask him to let go or simply retrieve his hand.


"In Shinjuku. I suppose we should get going." It was getting just a bit late and he would want to be home before dinner time. "Is there anything else I need to know, Shinra?" Maybe there was a ‘mute’ function or a ‘sleep’ function he needed to know about.

"Well, Psyche is still in testing stage, but as long as I can remember that’s all. Oh! Try to not make him do anything too extreme. He has a security system that will shut him off whenever he feels in danger. So be nice with him, ok?" The doctor said laughing softly before patting Izaya’s shoulder and whispering in his ear. 

"There’s a button behind hi left ear where you can shut him down and on again, but I wouldn’t recommend to do it too often. It can cause serious damages to his data if done too much."

He warned with a serious expression before pulling back and ruffling the android’s hair, his face now displaying a big cheerful smile. "Psyche will be a good boy and help Izaya-nii-chan, won’t he?"

"MHM!! Psyche-chan will do his best!!" He said cheerfully hugging Izaya’s arm and nuzzling on it and giggling. "Psyche loves Iza-nii~~!!"

Thread: 桜の秋 (Sakura no Aki - Cherry blossom’s fall) @tranquil-azure


He understood the meaning of his words, but kept up the false act of ignorance. So that was what he was made to do, it seemed wrong to the blond in many ways. This lad had so much to offer with his beauty and grace, it was a shame that they had forced him into such a role. Tsugaru wasn’t stupid, and he could tell by the way the raven avoided saying the words that even he didn’t want to admit what he was…

…lest Tsugaru think less of him.

He found himself leaning into the gentle touch of his hand, smiling a tender smile at him as he spoke those words. “You’re right, it doesn’t matter…” As he rose, the singer couldn’t help but think once again… what grace was housed within that body. Sitting patiently, he waited for the geisha to return and smiled at the tray he brought with him. Like Sakuraya, it was simple, yet clean and organized.

"Everything looks amazing, Sakuraya. Thank you for your hospitality and the tea." He bowed his head, accepting the offered cup as he raised it to his lips and tasted it. "Ah, perfect… how I wish I could steal you away and have you make this for me all the time. It would be lovely, ne?"

Sakuraya could feel his face heating with those words. The raven rose his kimono’s sleeves to cover the flustered smile that rose on his pinkish silky lips. "T-Tsugaru-san…" Oh… How he wished he could go away with the singer… He would probably be the happiest man in the world if he left that house. That horrible place.

"You’re really a gentleman…" He giggled. "I’m not worth such words and kindness. You’re a honored man. You deserve much better than what I could possibly give."


Despise of the gentle and relatively cheerful tone, those words were full of sadness. Sakuraya was a tainted dishonored gueisha. Even if he left that place, he would be always knew as the man whore that dresses up as a woman. When he lived at a traditional gueisha house, no one out of the house knew he was a man, his gender was kept a secret, but since he was taken as some sort of sex slave, the pink blossom became one of the most requested in the house. Most men that were curious or interested in having sex with other men and didn’t want to show that to society would sneak in the house and talk with the owner to have a private session with the raven. Under that kimono, he hid countless scars and marks. Some visible and some not. All result of the abusive guests he had to deal with everynight.

"Thank you… Your words brought true happiness to my lonely heart… I’m honored to have met a distinct man like you, Tsugaru-san."