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//I really enjoyed talking to all of you. I’m not deleting any of my blogs for the reason I intend to come back. So.. See ya in a near or far future. Hope you have a nice time.

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My adventures at Anime Friends as Shizu Heiwajima. LOL!


My adventures at Anime Friends as Yatogami

Hibiya: Down on your knees, peasant!!



"Make me"

"What?" the android laughed again and swung to the side to dodge the attack, spinning like a ballarina "Ohh, Hibi-chan’s so scary!" he ran behind the king to step on his cape, hoping to trip him over. "You’re even more fun now~"




"OH YOU….!!!!!" And just like that he landed on the ground with his face. "You despicable peasant!!!!!! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!!!" He started to whine like an angry child, yelling and repeating those words again and again before he got back to his feet and clentched his fists. "You’re going to pay for that… You insolent worm."

Thread: The Little Apprentice (With @tsxgaru)


Sensing a hand pulled on his, Tsugaru did not fail to notice right away. Cheeks colored of a pink hue, his eyes immediately flicked over to the raven whom his sight had set on. Corners of his lips tugged upwards, a smile being sent at the android’s direction.

"It seems that he does like you, Tsugaru-san." Shinra commented, lips stretched as he flashed a teeth.

Like? A scan ran through the body of his system, numerical codes shown right before a tab in his central mind clicked open. According to his dictionary, the verb itself meant to have an attraction towards of someone by finding their company pleasant. That’s weird, no one ever said the word of ‘like’ to him before. Did that mean they found unlikable? Turning back to his senses, Tsugaru merely chuckled at the thought. His hand brought up to pet on the youngster’s head.


"Well, I think we’d be best to go now." The time continued to tick, and the clock showed it was almost evening. The android figured that many dangerous cases often happen in the dark, where secrets and scenarios began to unfold; and it would appear in the papers by next morning. Starting his steps, he hauled the innocent newcomer away, guiding him to the exit of Shinra’s apartment as they prepared themselves to settle for a new journey.

"So— your name is Psyche?"

He giggled feeling the hand gently patting his head. It felt so nice and comfy. Tsugaru was really a gentle person. "Mhm!" The raven nodded frantically and held again the other male’s hand tight as if in case he lost the grip on it he would lose his new master.

"Mhm? Yes! Psyche Orihara! At your service! Teheh~"

The android beamed cheerfully swinging their hands together as they walked their way out of the building. "Nee~ Tsu-chan! Do you live alone?" Now he was curious. What kind of life Tsugaru had? Who built him? He was built after Shizuo Heiwajima, that meant he was strong like him? If he was like Psyche he would be pretty much the opposite of “his” human. "Have you ever met Shizu-chan?" Psyche didn’t and he wouldn’t dare. Shinra warned him if Shizuo saw him around he could confuse him by Izaya and attack. Just the thought of someone so strong attacking him was enough to send shivers through Psyche’s spine. However he knew Shizuo wasn’t a bad man. Just had a bad temper.

"Tsu-chan. Do you like sweets?" He tipped his head to the side with a wide grin on his face as he took a chocolate bar from the pocket of his white jacket and his cheeks became slightly pink, matching with the pink furr from it. "Papa Shinra gave me this morning and told it was sweet and good. He said it’s called chocolate! Is it good?"

Thread: 桜の秋 (Sakura no Aki - Cherry blossom’s fall) @musictokillby


Tsugaru looked up as the geisha spoke, smiling gently. “I have made plans that must start now.” He whispered, pulling the other into his bedroom. “Please Sakuraya-san, trust me… everything I do is for you to be safe.” Once they were in his room, he pulled out a very plain kimono. “Please go into the bathroom and change. I have a car awaiting our arrival down stairs. We will be using the workers stair’s to leave and be going out the back workers entrance.”

He sat on the bed, continuing to explain everything so the raven would understand. “I have asked such things, expressing  that I do not wish to be bombarded by fans. The building understand and will not blink twice, and my leaving is o be a complete secret. To everyone else, it is to be known I am checked in here for another two days.”

He paused, looking out the window. “Once we are in the car we shall be taken to the train station and will be out of the city in then next 45 minutes. I will not disclose the location at the moment, but I believe Sakuraya-san will like it there.” He smiled, waiting for the other to return to him and respond.

Sakuraya followed the other inside the room and blinked hearing him whisper, just hoping the man that was right behind him to make sure he entered the room didn’t listen. "T-Tsugaru-sama…" He flinched a little when the other quickly handed him a plain male kimono. He never wore anything other than female clothings… Wouldn’t he look weird on it?

A soft smile graced his lips once more as he nodded to the blond and walked inside the bathroom to change into the kimono he was given. "Seems like you have it all planned out…."

Once he took off all the hair ornaments and the make up, the raven dressed the new kimono and went out of the bathroom to meet Tsugaru’s gaze. "I trust you, Tsugaru-san. If I happen to die… I’d rather die trying. I decided to put my life so as my heart in your hands and that’s where it belongs. I’m sure you will take good care of them."



All parameters were met. Taking another quick turn, the small AllMate continued at full speed towards the next intersection, turning sharply there while altering his Route. Sure, it wouldn’t be easy, but taking care of Sly some years ago hadn’t been a walk in the park either, as far as he recalled. 

The raven kept on following the ball of furr until he finally tripped over his own feet and landed with his face on the ground.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I-It huuuuuurts……."

He sniffed as tears started to form on his magenta eyes and he felt completely defeated. He just wanted to play with the doogie…..