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[ROPPI RP] Just a Little Bit of Chaos [IzaRoppi]

Where are those damned pills. Where did that bastard left them? Dr. Kishitani was the biggest jerk on Earth! He swore. The raven kept looking through the house for his meds. If he didn’t take them soon, the voices would start once again. The insanity would take control of him. Paranoia, fear, anger and many other feelings that would drive him into that black hole of emptyness.

Roppi was a defected clone of the informant Izaya Orihara. Unfortunally his brain got a critical error once he was supposed to start breathing and did not. For the lack of air, his reasoning was affected. He was sane, as long as he took his meds. Or else he would just lose it for schysophreny and go nuts.

Idiot!! That doctor is an idiot!!!

They want to kill you!


The people outside! Don’t go outside!!

No! You must go outside and kill them all!

Or you could kill just that one… That doctor!

No! No! No!! You have to kill that stupid informant!!

Yes!! You were made after him! If you don’t kill him you will be just killed first! There isn’t room for the two of you!

Yes! Kill before you get killed!!!!

"GAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" The misanthrope fell on his knees with his eyes wide open as he yelled in agony. "WHERE ARE THOSE MEDS!!??!?!?!? DAMN IT!!!!!!!"

[Izaya] Shiki-saaaaan~~ *grins*


"What is it, informant?"

"A little bird told me you’ve been missing me~ Is that true?"

Thread: 桜の秋 (Sakura no Aki - Cherry blossom’s fall) @musictokillby


Hearing those last words brought a sense of contentment to him. Sakuraya was trusting him with everything, he was putting his life into the musicians hands. “Nothing will happen to you, you will not die and you will love where I am taking you. We will be happy, as friends or as lovers, I care not. I just want you to be free.”

Once he was changed, the blond could only smile, the raven still looked beautiful, even like this. “Grab your things and lets go.” Making his way out of the room, he waited for the dancer before making his way out of the room and towards the back of the hotel. Soon they were within the workers area, and he knew they were safe… seeing that none of the people that had brought the geisha would be back here.

Upon making it to the bottom of the building, he quickly opened up the back door to the waiting car, making Sakuraya get in first before getting in himself. Once inside he relaxed. The car was nothing special, it could have been anyone’s car and that’s what he wanted. Something that would be passed over, a safety for he and Sakuraya. 

No they were on the way to the train station and to the ravens freedom.

Sakuraya followed the other silently all the way inside the car. He felt a little nervous, but he knew it would be ok as long as he trusted Tsugaru. “Tsugaru… San…” He whispered inside the car with a soft smile gracing his lips.

"It feels so nice… To be out of that place and in your company… It feels like I finally can breath properly." His voice was gentle as his features. The raven reached to hold the blonde’s hands and leaned foward to give his lips a soft peck. "Thank you…"

His eyes had gained again that sparkle of life he lost long ago when he was abandoned by his father at the gueisha house. For the first time in his life he felt truly loved. Perhaps Tsugaru didn’t feel the same, but Sakuraya fell in love with that man from the moment he first laid his eyes on him. All he wanted now was to live by his side for the rest of his life if he allowed him to.



Ah, but the humanoid held no tears of sorrow nor agony; least to say, they were tears of joy. Each corner of one’s lips curled into a sweet smile as he gently grapsed onto the hand that held his cheek. “I’m not hurt.” A firm reply came out, regardless of how hoarse it may have sounded due to few cracks heard in his tone. “I– Psyche.” Calling out to the android quite softly, Tsugaru did not hesitate in nearing the other, close enough for their noses to caress against each other affectionately as their hot breath trickled the other’s skin. Love. Indeed, that was the word, the word thoroughly searched through the massive library of dictionaries placed in his system, and never did it occur to him that it could be love. “You didn’t hurt me, do not fret. It’s just that I – I —…”

— “I love you.

His magenta eyes widened once the other got so close. He coud feel his heart racing so much that he could barely breath. Was Tsugaru going to…? His words caught him with low guard. Love… He did love him too? Was that right? Was that true? Seemed like a dream. Seemed so unreal he could barely believe that. But the joy he felt in his heart was overhelming. He knew deep inside that it wasn’t a lie nor a dream. Even if he didn’t know exactly what was that feeling inside of him, he was 99% sure. That was love. He was in love with Tsugaru and Tsugaru with him and that made him truly happy. So happy he couldn’t even express with words. Words were not enough and he was speechless from the moment the other confessed his love too. “T-Tsu…” He called in a whisper before closing his eyes for whatever was about to come. He had small knownledge on that, but he knew that would probably lead to something more than words.

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Smiling ever so sweetly at the brunet, Tsugaru brought about his arms around Psyche and pulled him in for an embrace, a low chuckle heard as a response towards the other. "Ticklish? How is it ticklish?"

"Because it is. Silly Tsu! How am I supposed to explain that, huh? Hihihi" He held the other back and snuggled on his kimono. Tsugaru always had that sweet and manly scent. That made Psyche feel happy and safe. He loved that when the blond held him like that. "Tsu-chan is so warm…."